Reasons to choose Income Protection Insurance

  • If you take a moment to think about it – you’re more likely to be off work sick than you are to pass away before retirement, so this is the most essential cover available
  • If you’re sick or injured, this insurance will enable you to pay your bills and provide for you and your loved ones

Why taking expert advice makes the difference

  • Income Protection is one of the most important insurances, as without a regular income you could be hard-pressed to pay the bills
  • Even if your budget is tight – we’ll help you prioritise which cover is best for you
  • Being unable to earn is less of a worry when you know your wages are protected

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Case studies

Take a look at our recent case studies and see how we've successfully helped our clients with their requirements.

Mr D N – Milton Keynes

  • Business insurance
  • 25/03/2020
Mr N, a painter and decorator with his own business, had existing protection set up on a personal basis to protect his mortgage should either he or his wife pass away. Mr N wanted to see how cover could...
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