Factoring & Invoice Discounting

Ideal for businesses with a need to unlock cash tied up in unpaid invoices and businesses with no contractual debt

  • Up to £10m funding
  • Access the value of outstanding customer invoices before they are paid
  • Capability to manage your own credit control with confidentiality, so your customers need not know of our involvement
  • Ability to reduce or increase your funding line at any time
  • Bad Debt Protection option is available to safeguard your business from non-paying customers

Our solution frees up cashflow and is cost effective

  • Option to Maintain your customer relationships as you remain in control of seeking payments
  • Free up valuable management time by using our expert teams to handle sales ledger management
  • Ability to flex funding limit as your business grows

Export Finance

Ideal for any businesses which sells overseas

  • Funding of up to £10m
  • Funding available whether your business has 1 customer or 500
  • Global presence and the ability to work with your customers wherever they are in the world within 24 hours
  • Confidential credit control services available
  • Bad Debt Protection option is available to safeguard your business from non-paying customers

Release the money tied up in your invoices

  • Higher levels of funding against overseas invoices means more cash for your business
  • With money to pay suppliers sooner, you can qualify for early payment discounts
  • Faster access to your cash as customers pay invoices quicker with help from our credit control team

Construction Finance

Ideal for businesses sub-contracting in the construction sector and businesses raising applications for payment under a wide variety of industry contracts

  • Funding of up to £5m
  • Receive cash advances against outstanding billing
  • Ability to fund contractual debt and applications for payment prior to certification
  • Confidential credit control optional
  • Bad Debt Protection is available to safeguard your business from non-paying customers

Instant cash injection when you need it

  • Quantity Surveyors will evaluate your contracts to give you peace of mind
  • Access to a specialist team who understand and are experienced with funding construction sub-contractors
  • Access to a team of experienced Quantity Surveyors for contract reviews

Trade Finance

Ideal for businesses who buy goods from overseas and/or UK suppliers, whether or not they have end customer purchase orders

  • Funding of up to £3m to purchase goods
  • Funding of:
    • Finished goods to be sold on directly
    • Unfinished goods to be used in a manufacturing process
    • Goods to be transported directly from overseas suppliers to overseas customers
  • The ability to work with your suppliers wherever they are in the World
  • Can be combined with up to £10m Invoice Finance for working capital support

Our solution allows you to accept larger orders and secure new ones

  • Increased funding means your purchasing power increases
  • You can receive and sell your goods before you have to pay for them
  • Get access to our Specialist Trade Experts who will help you work with your suppliers

Case studies

Take a look at our recent case studies and see how we've successfully helped our clients with their requirements.

Mr N G – Lancashire

  • Commercial
  • 25/03/2020
With an already successful company, Mr G contacted us and advised that the company had been given the opportunity to become a direct distributor for import and redistribution of specialist motor vehicles through third-party Agents. Mr G, alongside two...
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Mr D B – Ashton-Under-Lyne

  • Commercial
  • 25/03/2020
After winning a lucrative contract, Mr B needed funding on an urgent basis and we were able to arrange two separate loans to provide the funding that he required to be able to honour the contract. Around 6 months...
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