Emergency Bridging Finance For Business

Are you looking to start a new project or does your business need an emergency cash injection?

Our Emergency Bridging Finance is for UK Business owners. This product is extremely useful during these challenging times.

Funding in as little as 48 hours

  • No Valuation
  • Adverse accepted
  • No monthly repayments


Are you eligible?

Are you a UK Business owner

The loan must be 65% LTV or lower

Interest 2.1% per month with a maximum term of 18 months.

We can facilitate an exit route for you if required.


Specialist Funding

Specialist funding covers all the areas and projects that normal commercial high street lending doesn’t. For Specialist projects we have access to both non-mainstream lenders/funders and potentially also private funders, who will take a view on the project as opposed to the individuals involved.

We currently have clients involved in the renewable energy sector , where obtaining funding through normal recognised channels is virtually non-existent. However we have access to private investment entities that are able to fund renewable projects into the multi million pound bracket, both here in the UK and abroad.

We appreciate that there are many experienced developers, who simply don’t have the funds available to cover the required injection of capital into a development project. The usual 30% of total funding required can be debilitating and certainly out of the scope of many developers, even if they have excellent projects.

For this reason we also have Joint Venture partners that will fund both 100% purchase of the land and 100% of the build cost. Naturally, such developers would need to be able to evidence an extensive CV and provable development experience, along with a strong business plan; but this type of funding is certainly possible.


Weston Financial are happy to review all applications.


Private Funders for specialist projects

Weston Financial can connect you with Private Funders for specialist projects.

Our main current funding partners are particularly interested in Real Estate projects including those in the hospitality space.

On top of the particular interest in Real Estate, we are keen to consider projects in the “green” renewable energy sector. That said, each project is bespoke and we will judge each project on its own merits.

Our Private Funding partners are able to fund projects from €/$/£ 15M+ with select funders able to provide upto 100% of the funding requirements of the project, providing the Client can provide 10% of the overall requirement (NB: Cash or land can act as the 10% deposit required)

If Cash or Land is not available then it is even possible to raise the 10% via bridging an upcoming sale of high-value artwork! It’s even possible for that art to remain in the owner’s possession for the period of the borrowing.

High Net Worth Individuals to raise funding of up to 50% of the value of high-value artwork (The artwork must be of a minimum value of € 2 million, either as individual works of art or multiple pieces making up the minimum €2m)

We are prepared to provide facilities on the terms outlined above for projects that start as a greenfield proposition. To emphasise that point, they enable a project to “get off of the ground” with only a 10% equity contribution and with 100% final ownership.


Case studies

Take a look at our recent case studies and see how we've successfully helped our clients with their requirements.

Mr W – London

  • Commercial
  • Development & Bridging
  • 03/11/2023
Mr W approached us with a requirement to fund a new build 4 bedroom property with the intention of selling the unit once completed. As Mr W had issues with a previous company having been liquidated during the Covid...
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Mr W-J – Middlesex

  • Development & Bridging
  • 26/03/2020
We were approached by Mr W-J who had two exclusive development projects. One project required over £12m funding and the other project required circa £6m. When Mr W-J approached us planning had still not been fully granted but there...
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