When a company begins trading, it is likely to require further funding and this is where the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme can help. The scheme has been designed to help businesses by offering tax relief to investors that purchase shares in your company. As a result, it is possible for businesses to receive up to £150,000 through SEIS investments. There are set rules that have to be followed that make it possible for investors to claim and retain SEIS tax reliefs that relate to their shares. There is criteria in place for businesses that can use the scheme as they have to offer a new qualifying trade and be established in the UK, while it must not have gross assets of more than £200,000.

EIS is a scheme that makes it possible for businesses to raise money in order to grow. As a result, individual investors will be able to take advantage of tax relief when purchasing shares. Business owners can raise up to £5 million per year with a maximum of £12 million during the lifetime of the company. Furthermore, your company must receive investment through the venture capital scheme within seven years following the first commercial sale. The money can be used by businesses that have a qualifying trade or have plans to carry out a qualifying trade while it can also be used for research and development that ultimately leads to a qualifying trade

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