Series B Raise is the third round of investment and startups will go through this process in order to obtain the funding required for their growth. This is different from the funding obtained during Series A as it is a large amount of money but it will involve private equity firms along with venture capital firms.

Once your business has reached certain milestones that were put in place after receiving Series A funding, Series B funding will take place. As a result, your business would be considered past the initial startup stage when you receive this funding.

In order to secure Series B funding, companies will pay an increased share price although there are other options available such as crowdfunded equity and credit investments. Much like Series A funding, shares that are given to investors will not include voting rights but it will enable your company to grow into a company that is large enough and ready for Series C funding.  There is less risk associated with Series B funding as investors have the ability to understand how you used your Series A funding and whether it is worth investing in your company. Series B funding is used to continue the development of products and services while also helping your business to grow. As your company will already generate stable revenue, this funding will be used to take your business to the next level. Therefore, the funding can be used in multiple ways such as developing new technologies or taking on new employees to grow the business

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